5 Things You Should Tell Your Doctor No Matter What

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Everyone in his life for once has done some crazy stuff. Unbearable itching in places we are ashamed to disclose, certain things in certain places, sexual diseases, we all had our share of embarrassment, but don’t let these embarrassing moments stop you from getting your pain relieved.

It’s time to let go of your pride and open up to the doctor no matter how embarrassing the thing might be because, in the long run, you might be the one regretting your decision of not informing your doctor.

Let’s look at 5 situations in which you should definitely rush to your doctor.

Stuff where they don’t belong at all

Human beings do some weird stuff, crayons in the nose, stick in ears, nails in the stomach. Objects tend to reach inside of human bodies, no one knows how they get there! Childhood was fun, isn’t it?

These embarrassing moments are the things we laugh about when we get older if we make it through. Leaving these objects lodged can do a lot more harm than you anticipated.

Some of us even try to take matters into our own hands, causing more harm to ourselves. Leaving stuff inside your ears can result in bleeding, discharge, inflammation and can damage hearing. 

Unbearable itching at places we are embarrassed to disclose

Of course, we all are human, rashes can happen to any of us. You need to rush to your doctor if you are experiencing such an issue, especially if there are lumps or bumps.

These are some common symptoms of STDs. An itchy crotch is often a result of Tinea Cruris, also known as jock itch. An infection originated because of friction, heat, and sweating. Stop hiding and inform your doctor about this. 

Smelly places

This might be a little difficult to express. Sometimes our genitals tend to smell. Well, this seems like nothing at the start but this can lead to much more serious problems.

You might end up with a yeast infection. It sounds disgusting, isn’t it? Almost 75% of women experience a yeast infection at least once in their lifetime.

Women sometimes experience a strong fishy odor, which leads to a green-colored secretion. Though rare, yeast infection is also found in men. Stop treating it yourself and visit your doctor ASAP. 

A Heavy flow

Heavier flow may be a result of hormonal imbalance or it could be something worse that has caused this for example uterine cancer, uterine fibroids or some infection. If you are experiencing a heavy flow during your periods, you ought to consult your doctor immediately. The doctor might prescribe you hormonal supplements or some contraceptive pills.

Doing drugs

Some of us might find it embarrassing to tell the world about our smoking or drug addiction. If your drug or smoking addiction is disturbing you due to excessive you use, you really need to discuss this with your doctor. 

Apart from laughter, these things can seriously injure your body. Leave your ego and reveal the things to your doctor. Stop being afraid and start living without any pain. 

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