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Your greatest asset is yourself, hence, you must find a balance between your body and mind to acquire the needed inner peace. 

One’s best shelter is themselves, their own inner peace can shelter them from a world that is filled with chaos. We call it a chaotic world but the truth is what the world is going through from COVID-19 outbreak and the globally imposed quarantine in almost every country across the globe. Keeping a healthy body is a main concern and sometimes we forget that mental health is as important as the physical well-being!

The combination of mental, physical, and spiritual wellness is undeniably important for any individual. However, we live in a world that largely focuses on the physical factor of wellness which, in this day and age, includes healthy eating, a fit body, and an overall attractive appearance. Meanwhile, the busier that our day-to-day lives become, the harder than it is to achieve mental and spiritual wellness. This article connects and explores the relationship between mental health and the balance of mind, body and soul as well as define the best practice for getting the balance.

While mental health is defined as:

the level of psychological well-being or an absence of mental illness ; the mind, body and soul balance aims at having healthy body with a special regard to he psychological well-being. That clearly defines the interaction and crossings between the two concepts. This is why it’s vital to understand the importance of mind, body and soul and identify ways to improve and maintain health and wellbeing in each area in the light of mental health.

Starting with the body

this is our main -focus usually through food and exercises. People should be careful and pay attention to moderating their intakes of unhealthy food, soft drinks, caffeine, and alcohol. Moreover, they must commit to regular exercise. Find ways to include physical activity in your day such as walking up-stairs, instead of taking the lift or joining in with lunch time sport. Additionally, being proactive by scheduling regular medical and dental checkups to monitor your health and wellbeing. Finally, focus on your sleep, nutrition, hydration and exercise. Set realistic goals, celebrate the small wins and keep going.

Moving to the mind which is the  responsible part for our thinking process. Emphasizing on nourishing the mind and our mental health can improve our concentration, relationships, outlook and more. We should not ignore the signs of stress and overwhelm. If you are not coping with the pressures of life, talk to someone and seek professional help if required. In addition, take time out just for you through listening to music, reading an article, going for a walk, meditating or enjoying a cup of coffee, away from the stresses of life. Moreover, prioritize a healthy sleeping schedule to help you stay focused and to think clearly. Set a schedule for bedtime and stick to it to ensure you get the rest that your mind needs.

Lastly, be open to self-improvement through attending workshops, attending online courses, finding a mentor or a life-coach that you can seek when you need specific piece advice on how to improve your skills or increase your self-esteem.

Lastly, the Soul

We don't mean by this word religious meaning or new age beliefs. It is more involved in identifying our purpose and direction, recognizing what brings us joy and understanding how to find contentment in our lives. To maintain soul healthy, we should be open to meeting new people, connecting with others, opening our minds to new ideas and introducing us to alternate ways of living. Additionally, change the environment by taking a walk outside in the woods or hiking, have a meeting at a cafe or ask to work from wherever you want and ensure that your surroundings are healthy and appealing to you. Finally, indulge in your passions through music, art, hiking, biking, cycling, or baking and cooking or running – whatever it is that feeds your soul and makes you happy.

When a person maintains his health and takes care of his body, mind, and soul, then his physical and mental health will turn to be much better and well improved. We live once, then let’s enjoy it to the most and do what grants us a healthier and happier life.





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