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Innovating the healthcare using emerging technologies

A simple, customizable, scalable healthcare digital products!.

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Inspired To Strive Harder 

With the technological advancement we are facing in our day to day lives, we have paved the way to embrace the innovation in healthcare services to save countless patients and continuously improve the quality of life. Over the next decade, health systems will bring millions of people the power to seek care and wellness with sustainable, affordable, and most advanced holistic outcomes at the tip of their finger. 

Being said, Doctors Group has come to life through the initiative of passionate professionals led by an Emirati national with the intention of bringing patients across the GCC region and the rest of the world the best healthcare they deserve. 

For the past years, we are in our utmost pride to be recognized in the healthcare industry. We would love to share it with you the milestones we have achieved. 

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IZI HEALTH is a virtual care solution helping you to enhance your healthcare experience. Our doctors & therapists will make sure your health needs are well addressed with high-quality care. Trust that we are working to eliminate your exposure to any potential spread of the virus now or in the future. We are here for you, whether you are looking for a healthcare professional or you want to modify your lifestyle, we will make sure that you are equipped using our healthy lifestyle management tools.


To pioneer and revolutionize virtual care in the healthcare industry. 


Empower consumers with the right lifestyle management tools with access to virtual healthcare and remote health consultancy services thereby promoting health and well-being 

What We Live By 

The Passion for change. For the Purpose of transforming lives. Gives us the Power to freedom and peace.


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Operating with a wide range of Mental Health and Wellbeing institutes, which happened to be leading the mental health support for UAE community. We have a team of professional counselors that focus on providing therapeutic services that center on convenience, affordability, and effectiveness in service delivery.

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